Thursday, January 22, 2009

So as we were driving to work the other day, I came up with a great idea.  This came after Paul has been utterly depressed for the past couple weeks since we went down to Arizona to visit his family.  One of the first things that JuDene said to Paul was that she noticed that he had gained some weight.  Since we got home, we have been going to the gym pretty religiously and have started a pretty intense salad diet.  We haven't really seen any results as of yet.
We watch "The Biggest Loser" every week and get really into it.  We have joked about being contestants but know that we aren't big enough to even be considered.  So we came to a conclusion, we'll have our own Biggest Loser competition!  
So, we decided the rules were going to be that we weighed ourselves every Saturday until the beginning of April (when we start thinking about getting into a swimsuit and spending a weekend in Las Vegas) and the winner gets $200 spending money when we go.  Whoever loses the least amount of body fat each week gets penalized.  We're still working on specifics for that but a couple of ideas we came up with is that if Paul loses he doesn't get to play Call of Duty for a week!!! Which is actually a big deal, since he has played everyday since Christmas, no joke!! We'll keep you all updated and let you know who becomes.....The Biggest Loser!